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Lists of Testimonials

I was thrilled with the results of my painting. You captured the "real" dogs. Your professionism was extraordinary. You kept in touch every step of the way. I can't say enough good things about your company and would highly recommend you. Thanks again!!
I was hesitant at first to do something like this over the internet. But this place had amazing customer service and the painting turned out to be a great valentines day gift!
“I recently purchased a condo and had been searching long and far for the perfect piece to decorate my new home. I knew that I wanted to purchase a painting from Oil Painting Express because I had received Salvador Dali’s 1956 Landscape with Butterflies as a birthday present. The colors are magnificent and after one year remains just as beautiful as the first day I saw the painting. The process was so easy; I submitted a picture with special instructions for the artist and I chose the gallery wrap option. I received my painting on time as promised and was very much impressed the second time around. I will recommend Oil Painting Express to all my friends and co-workers!”
I would give this place 5 stars for their professionalism alone! They were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions promptly by e-mail, very accommodating. The painting I ordered also arrived right when they said it would, with lightning fast precision. The painting I had made was a for a gift and I would be happy to buy many gifts for my loved ones here in the future
I had a custom oil painting made and I was amazed by the work's accuracy and quality. My painting was a tricky one, I wanted a family portrait of sorts, but I wanted to combine a few photographs into one painting. I wasn't even sure of what the end result would look like, but the artist masterfully pulled it together, you can't even tell that the piece was made from several photographs! What I received was a life-like painting that I will want to keep in the family forever.
I ordered a painting from Oil Painting Express and the results are exactly what I was hoping for! The frame is also fabulous, I was most happy with this because I wasn't sure what to expect from just seeing a photo of the frame online and many art reproduction companies don't even offer frames! Also thank you so much to the artist, he or she showed me photos of my painting and let me make changes until I was happy! The painting is now in my living room above my fireplace and has become the statement piece of the room. Thank you!
I surprised my wife on our wedding night with a painting from Oil Painting Express as a gift. I had one of her favorite photographs from our early dating made into a painting. The colors are vibrant and the painting is very realistic. The painting has become a centerpiece in our home. People often ask where we bought it and some are bold enough to ask the price, which is one they can never believe! Oil Painting Express created a totally affordable and high quality piece of art that we will always treasure.
I had a painting of my beloved Bernese Mountain dog painted and I could not be happier. The painting is of the utmost quality and so realistic that you can see the buds on her tongue and the individual hairs on her fur. I treasure this painting!
This was my first purchase from Oil Painting Express though I do not expect it to be my last, I had a family portrait done from a photograph. The painting is beautiful, it hangs at the end of the hallway and visitors always comment on the piece and ask where I had it made. I always recommend Oil Painting Express to them. Ordering online can be a scary thing but Oil Painting Express eliminated all of my fears, making my art-dream come true.
I am so pleased with my painting from Oil Painting Express. When I opened my package I was immediately awed by the details and the intricacies in the painting. I wanted a painting that could pass for a period-piece, I wanted it to look realistic and the painting I received went way beyond my expectations. People have mistaken it for something from one of the great masters!
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