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Transform your photos to an oil painting


100% hand made oil paintings, your custom painting in 3 steps

Free shipping for all orders

Only 30% advance payment needed

A unique and personal gift for all occasions

Your painting can be delivered to you as quickly as 10 days

Step 1: Choose your Image.

Upload a digital image of the painting you wish to create.

Step 2: Choose your options.

Texture, Size, frame or wrap, however you want it, we will create it!

Step 3: Hang your painting.

Your painting will be delivered to your home in approximately 4 weeks time!

Why not give it a try for Free?

Our painting builder is fun and only takes a few minutes.

Our customers say...
I ordered several paintings and much to my happiness, they are truly of gallery quality. I am a lover of art and I commissioned several reproductions to set up a gallery of sorts in my home.
New York

Since I was a little girl, my cousin and I have been the best of friends. This long friendship has produced so many great photos, from all different times in our lives.
Anna Galbreith
San Francisco

I purchased a painting from Oil Painting Express for my husband's birthday. He is a huge fan of the artist, Stuart Davis. I wanted to get him a memorable gift, something he would remember and love.
Anastasia Sands

I am so pleased with my painting from Oil Painting Express. When I opened my package I was immediately awed by the details and the intricacies in the painting.
Michael Sinclair

This was my first purchase from Oil Painting Express though I do not expect it to be my last, I had a family portrait done from a photograph.
Ingrid Stone

I had a painting of my beloved Bernese Mountain dog painted and I could not be happier.
Kerry Adams
Franklin Park

I surprised my wife on our wedding night with a painting from Oil Painting Express as a gift. I had one of her favorite photographs from our early dating made into a painting.
Finnigan Keating
South Bend

I ordered a painting from Oil Painting Express and the results are exactly what I was hoping for!
Danielle Street

I had a custom oil painting made and I was amazed by the work's accuracy and quality.
Olivia Benson
San Jose

I would give this place 5 stars for their professionalism alone! They were extremely helpful and answered all of my questions promptly by e-mail, very accommodating.

“I recently purchased a condo and had been searching long and far for the perfect piece to decorate my new home.

I was hesitant at first to do something like this over the internet. But this place had amazing customer service and the painting turned out to be a great valentines day gift!

I was thrilled with the results of my painting. You captured the "real" dogs. Your professionism was extraordinary. You kept in touch every step of the way.
Round Lake Heights

I decided to purchase a custom painting for father's day and it was a complete success. The painting looked exactly as the photo and will become the focal point of the home.

I received the portrait today. It looks great! I know that Dr. Markley will be so pleased to have this hanging in our school library in memory of his dedication to our school...

I recently ordered a panting through Oil Painting Express for a ten year anniversary present for my husband. I can honestly say it was the best present I have ever given him, he absolutely loves it!